Your Velocity

Your Velocity

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Your Velocity

By Ben Cuppage | Written December 17th, 2017

Crashing through my door without knocking first
Making yourself at home, I’m not sure what’s worse
That you rewired me or that you will not leave
I did not prepare myself for your velocity

You flow through my veins up into my mind
I’m hooked on your drug, for the rest of time
Invading every thought that comes into my head
You have all the power but don’t know you wield it

Now I’m stuck inside of your wake
I don’t if, I don’t if there’s much more I can take

Can’t think straight anymore
You have to let me rest
I need a moment of time
To take another breath

My brain’s lost control
It obeys my chest
But could I let you go?
To give my cardiac a rest

The person I once knew is missing it seems
Replaced by a man-possessed with silent screams
I crave your body, your lips, and your touch
I was prepared to change but not by this much

Now I’m lost inside of your wake
I don’t if, I don’t if there’s much more I can take

Repeat Chorus Twice

You’re a poison that I love to take
Obsessing over you was my mistake
It works when you and I are in sync
But when I’m left alone, I just sink

Repeat Chorus

I need to rest, I need to rest, I need to rest, please let me rest

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