Winter Wails

Winter Wails


I decided to join in on the what I’ve been listening to music articles. Mine will be more sporadic than Matt’s monthlies. Music is for us to experience and share so here is what I’ve been warming my ears with to get me through this cold winter.


Some badass guitar harmonies, a plethora of pinch harmonics, and good ol’ fun metal. What more could you ask for? These guys got their guitars down right. Very crunchy but technical at the same time. I’ve been through their albums a few times this winter. Thanks go out to Matt for showing me these guys.


Blood Youth

I’ve been enjoying an artist called Blood Youth recently. They don’t have much available yet, just a few EPs and singles. I’m patiently waiting a full album as I’m quite excited by the stuff they have released already. Some neat dueling album covers for their first two EPs, really neat artwork and ’80s neon type.


Boys of Fall

I can thank Spotify’s discover weekly playlist for this artist. Pop-Punk like singing with metal intertwined brings forth a very A Day To Remember/Chunk! No Captain Chunk! type sound which I enjoy. Also, It’s Always Sunny reference.


Hail The Sun

After seeing them play with Silent Planet in Toronto, the last two Hail The Sun albums have been played through multiple times on my Spotify. This particular song by them is one of my favourites. The oddly timed technical guitar riffs and the matching drum beats in this song have me coming back. These guys were pretty cool to see live as the lead singer is also the drummer. For about half the songs he had a stand-in drummer do his parts so he could get the crowd hyped. Good show, check em out.



At that same Silent Planet concert, a local band by the name of Conversation were one of the openers. We didn’t hear much from them as we arrived late. What I did hear I liked, so I decided to look ’em up. Since they are a smaller local Toronto band it was a bit of a challenge finding them on Spotify. I managed to find them, their self-titled 2008 EP, and 2014 album Fig.1 eventually. Their Spotify page actually has an incorrect artist with a 2012 album on there, so ignore that. They have a neat sound and I hope they can gain some traction and produce more music soon. I actually like their 2008 recording of this song better but this is the one that’s on YouTube. The other version has more of a slower darker feel and doesn’t have a breakdown part in the bridge, so check that one out too. Support local!


Say Anything

At work, the brewery is alive with the glory of music most brew days. Say Anything is one of the artists that is occasionally played, so I’ve grown to like their …Is A Real Boy album a lot. My favourites from that album are The Writhing South, Spidersong, and Alive With The Glory Of Love. 



Here’s another artist that I found thanks to Spotify’s discover weekly playlist. Similar sounding to CHVRCHES and also utilizing a V in ways I don’t quite understand. Pvris(Paris?) has an electronic feel with more rock definition. This song in particular has a bit more rock edge to it then some others. Their album White Noise is a great listen from front to back.


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