Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain

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You’re excited but super tired from your sleep the night before. The back of the SUV is just big enough for you to both fit diagonally so sleeping is tricky.


Adding to the anticipation was that you attempted this adventure the night before but the way was shut. Now the way is open and your heart and mind race at the moment as you climb the mountain in your roadtrip apparatus.


Before even making it to your destination you stop multiple times to enjoy the various views this trail has to offer. Never before have you been above the clouds in this way. Your spirit is elevated just like the altitude.

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After parking and looking around some more you decide to venture up further, this time on foot. The elevator was broken but that wouldn’t stop you. The air was thin, but that wouldn’t stop you. Your heart was pounding but that wouldn’t stop you. Okay, well it would make you take a break and try to slow your breathing. Exhaustion on every level. Thank goodness you have your spry and comforting woman with you. After the mid mountain pit stop, you continue on your way and make it to your final destination. The observatory is just as you imagined, old, creaky, and very antique looking. If the thin air hadn’t taken your breathe away, well then the view definitely would…

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Photos by Kat Helmond and I

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