When You Need It Most

When You Need It Most


One thing that has been proven to me time and again is that music has the power to heal and carry you through even your darkest days. I keep coming back to one statement that I feel everyone can relate to: Throughout my life I can always find a song that speaks to my situation (whatever that is) perfectly. Is that true? Have you felt it?

I am not necessarily talking about your favorite songs of all time. Some of these songs may become your favorite, and some are simply listened to so much that you get sick of them within a day. It might not even be a full song, it could be one lyric, or just the way that an artist sings that lyric that can have an effect on you. Every person and situation is different.

What makes this so interesting?  It’s how it happens, because more often than not it happens when you least expect it. I am not usually seeking validation in the lyrics of a song, and yet somehow I can always find that random lyric that connects with me.

I usually have music playing in the background while I think, and that tends to be when these songs catch me. I am not exactly expecting to hear someone sing the exact thoughts that are floating around my head. Sometimes its new music, sometimes songs that I have heard thousands of times. The situation clicks with the lyrics and it causes a meaningful effect. Usually followed by replaying the song another dozen times.

Not sure what I mean? Here is an example: Four years into adult life and feeling very disconnected from what I was doing and where I was heading, I find “Objectivist on Fire” by Bayside and this chorus:

“I am feeling older all the time

Running out of days get it right”

This connects with where I am at perfectly, I am progressing but not really feeling like I am getting anywhere. Wondering if I should make a change.

Another example, right around the time I was talking with Matt and Ben about starting this site up, I came across The Colour and Sound’s “Gone”:

“I’m sick of doing enough to just feel comfortable

I want to be miserable

I want to be vulnerable”

At the end of the day, no one wants to feel like they are alone. Hearing someone else sing about a similar emotion or situation validates that others have been where you are, and gotten past it. We build a connection with the music that we listen too and this is how it can have a profound influence in our lives. I can certainly say that it has in mine.

Do you feel this way too? Hoping I’m not alone! Post in the comment section below about your experiences with this or the song that connected with you when you needed it most (but weren’t expecting it).

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