We’re Going On An Adventure!

We’re Going On An Adventure!

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I can remember being in high school and having nothing better to do than go for a walk down to the park. We would just be hanging out and take goofy photos. Maybe we’d come up with crazy stories or ideas; all the while having fun and exploring the waterfront. It seems once you graduate high school the days where you have “nothing better to do” don’t come by very often. So when a day was booked for suit fitting for Bryan’s up and coming wedding, it felt imperative that we “do something”. A few times in college we would escape and hop into my car and just drive. The one I can remember the most was driving on the twisty roads up near Severn. We ended up at the lock and hopped out and explored that scary looking vista.

This past Saturday after about a three minute look at some website (that may or may not be credible), we said hey this old ‘ghost town’ is sorta near Orillia and took it upon ourselves to check it out.

So we all hopped in my Subaru bus and went on an adventure!

The weather was on our side as it was the warmest day it had been in months. This provided us with many puddles that I could drive through splattering the passenger window that our friend Donny was sitting in. We sort of half-ass used the GPS on Matt’s phone but we were mostly out for a drive to explore new areas and have a grand ‘ol time. I love driving so not only was the expedition fun but being behind the wheel was fun too. After looking for our destination the ‘Cooper’s Falls Mill’ for quite some time (we actually drove right by it), we ended up on a dead end road and partially down a snowmobile path. This was NOT a one way road… which was made clear when I saw the tiny speed limit sign on a tree. Cue me backing us out of there with the sunset shining directly into my mirrors. So we turned around and found a section that had been seemingly abandoned (later finding it out was our initial intended destination). The area looked cool so out came the cameras, and here are the photos I deemed decent enough to share with you:

donny1 bryan2 bricks essodeadd yellow house houseyexplore dondon stonewater waterytrees Get out there and explore!

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