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There’s nothing more annoying then the few days leading up to your trip. They turn to slush and drag their feet. After planning the short three day trip for weeks it was finally time to leave for the States.


The only roadtrips I had done so far were with my family when I was younger. Aside from one trip to Michigan where I drove through the night, this would be my first real, planned, adventure. And I would be tackling it with my partner in crime, Kat.


We set off towards the border: playing some games, talking, eating some snacks we packed and listening to music in the new-to-me Infiniti QX-4 (the Adventure Rig). I was more nervous about the border crossing than anything, as they like to be real saucy towards anyone entering their country. However after that was finished it was all open roads, open decisions and open eyes as the excitement burst through the dam!

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We had planned places to stop, and a general idea of when but we were unsure of how it would all pan out. Using an app called Roadtrippers proved to be a perfect decision though as somehow the GPS still tracked us even though our phone data was deactivated.

We found out through this expedition that sometimes planning online doesn’t work out perfectly as some shops no longer existed, or some views weren’t as exceptional as you thought they might be. However the trip was amazing nonetheless, as we found some great mountainous roads, twisting and turning though the trees, as well as some beautiful views with green mountains in the distance. New York and Lake Placid had the Adirondacks, which made for an amazing backdrop to our route to Vermont. Whiteface Mountain was a major highlight on our trip that wasn’t even supposed to be a main event (read more about that here). We didn’t plan out our first night in the states but managed to find a campground (which had some great craft beer to choose from in the retail fridge). Everything worked out so well.

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However by the time we got to Burlington Vermont we were pretty exhausted, seeing as sleeping in a SUV proved to be a bit tight. That warm shower was wonderful, once we arrived at the hotel.


After touring Burlington for a bit the next day, having some amazing crepes for breakfast, and discovering our new favourite Craft Brewery it was time to leave for Canada. Our roadtrip ended with a terrible reminder that Ontario highways really don’t need to be worked on 24/7, and that people don’t know how to drive when orange cones are present (or know how to drive at all).

Though it was only three days we managed to accomplish quite a bit. It was an amazing experience and we have already started planning the next, two, three, four, roadtrips!

Photos by Kat Helmond and I.

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