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A while ago Bryan wrote about Tides of Man and their latest album, which happened to be instrumental. I had never heard of them before (thanks, Bryan) and immediately added them to my instrumental playlist. Like Bryan mentioned, instrumental music can serve as great background music while working. There’s an atmospheric intensity to music when there’s no singing… as if it’s inviting your own words or thoughts to the forefront of the soundtrack. I know that especially while I write, it can be difficult to focus with vocals. For a while I tried ambient sounds or movie soundtracks, but found that those nearly put me to sleep. I needed something intense and inspiring but not distracting – which led me to discovering a plethora of post-rock instrumental bands. Here are a few I’d recommend:



I had the chance to see Capsian live opening for Underoath on their Rebirth tour and they put on a great show.


Collapse Under The Empire

Collapse Under The Empire is my go-to instrumental band. This album especially always helps me focus – it was basically the soundtrack to the last book I wrote.


If These Trees Could Talk

If you like heavy music but don’t care for screaming, If These Trees Could Talk is the band for you.


Animals As Leaders

Animals as Leaders is another band I saw open for Underoath – and one of the most talented guitarists I’ve ever seen/heard.


This Will Destroy You

I’ve really been enjoying This Will Destroy You’s ironically named new album “Another Language”.



Maybeshewill makes great use of the piano, which adds a soothing touch to the otherwise heavy sound.


Enjoyed these tracks? Want them all in a handy little playlist for future listening? Follow my Spotify instrumental playlist, which includes some additional artists I didn’t cover here.

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