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Under Construction

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One of the best parts of owning a home is getting to put some sweat equity into upgrading, improving and just turning your house into a home. This is a chance to dabble in all kinds of things you may never have had the chance to try. It’s your home so you get to decide what to upgrade and when to do it.

From simple changes like painting and picture hanging to full on construction, you can try all kinds of new things. If you are like me and have very little construction experience it’s best to start with smaller cosmetic projects.

As you get more experience try tackling a bigger task like drywalling, installing new flooring, or changing lighting fixtures. If you have the space set up a workshop and give fixing things a try. When something breaks see what you can do to fix it rather than throwing it out and buying a new one.

If you want some ideas of where to get started, if you are a new homeowner, google easy DIY or woodworking projects and give one a shot!

When it comes to home reno projects don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone, but be aware and able to recognize if you are outside of your ability. Remember that if you find yourself not able to complete a project don’t be afraid to call in an expert. If you have the ability to tackle things like plumbing and electrical then go for it, but those are projects to be VERY careful with. It can be dangerous to you and your property to mess with making those types of changes if you don’t know what your doing. It’s always best to err of the side of caution if you are not totally comfortable and confident in your abilities, safety first!

Becoming a jack of all trades around your house can take a while, but is one of the greatest parts of homeownership! It is an amazing feeling to put your own stamp on your property and can also pay off in the value of your property when you sell down the line!

Have you tried any home improvement projects? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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