Too Much Of A Good Thing

Too Much Of A Good Thing

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Too much of a good thing can turn that thing you love into something you hate. We all struggle with where should the line should be drawn. The real challenge is that the line is entirely subjective and depends on the individual’s thoughts/feelings/emotions connection with the subject and that means that it is up to you to stop.

This is not a new concept and it can relate to a gambit of things in our lives. I am looking to explore our need to focus in on a certain thing until the taste turns sour in our mouths.

This is all too common when it come to food. How often does someone suggest eating out at a certain restaurant and you don’t want to go back because you are ‘sick of the place’. Same with types of food, making for some interesting discussions on what to have around dinner time.

How about songs on the radio? It is classic for radio stations to play a popular song until they ruin the song by over playing it. My childhood was filled with songs that would be great until the 5th caller in a row would request ‘that song’ and I would start ripping my hair out. OK, maybe I am aging myself with this analogy, but the point fits with Spotify as well. Finding a new song or album usually results in me going back to it over and over again until the excitement starts to fade and you don’t really care to listen any further.

More recently this has been happening with movies, especially when it comes to cinematic universes. Movie companies follow the money. They focus in on things that they think will generate the most interest and then look to build more stories with that universe. They stick ‘Marvel’ or ‘Star Wars’ in the title and sell more tickets. The thought process seems to be that consumers can draw a more instant connection, “oh a new Lord of the Rings series from Amazon, I liked Lord of the Rings so I’ll watch that for sure!”. My question: why oversaturate a single IP? Do I need a new ‘Lord of the Rings’ show from Amazon? Why not branch out and launch a new fantasy series that can stand alone. Marvel is another great example. They have done amazing and truly innovative things with their cinematic universe but their movies and shows are so common to see that the feeling of excitement and intrigue have all but vanished.

Maybe its just the way we are as humans. We find things that make us happy and want to replicate that feeling over and over and over again. Eventually that excitement we felt fades and it becomes less of a thrill. Suddenly we find ourselves bored with that focus and the familiarity turns us off. We are wired to focus in on the things we love, but it’s extremely interesting that we follow that behaviour to the point of destroying that love. Human nature is a fascinating thing!

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