The Power of Affinity

The Power of Affinity


For this entire article I’ll mostly be stating the obvious but it’s something to remind yourself of here and there.

Experiences are better with others

I actually love being alone sometimes, but I still believe in this.

I bet you if you watched the same comedy movie/show/stand-up with friends instead of just by yourself you’re going to laugh more. A friend laughing can knock you into a laugh as well whereas if you were alone you probably wouldn’t have laughed at that particular joke out loud. Now does laughing mean you are having a better time? I’d argue so, but I love to laugh, and laughing is better with others.

I recently went to a concert for a band I’ve liked for over 10 years. If I went alone it would have still rocked, but since I went with a small group of people including one of my best friends and my girlfriend, I definitely enjoyed it more than if I attended alone. Seeing my friends’ reactions, us all singing along, and feeling the music together just enhanced the experience. If that’s not enough to convince you, think about going to a concert with literally no one in the audience but yourself, that’d be so so weird. Ergo concerts are most definitely better with others.

If you read this site regularly you know I’m a car enthusiast. Being an enthusiast can be tiresome at times considering the vast majority of people don’t understand you. Not just if you are speaking about parts of a car but the concept that you spend money doing ‘unnecessary’ stuff to your car. Arrive in your pride and joy to a gathering of fellow enthusiasts and it’s a completely different matter. Everyone there ‘gets you’ and you all have an infinite amount of icebreakers to start conversations. You all share in a common passion and that helps you connect. The scene comes alive and your passion shines brighter than if you were just modifying and enjoying your car on your own. Experiences are better with others.

The ultimate reason why experiences are indeed better with others is, you can reminisce with those people now. You’ve created a story and a memory together, and if you’ve ever been on the other side of an inside joke or receiving end of a story, it’s just not that exciting to you because you didn’t experience it first hand. So there you go, proof in the pudding.

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