The First Song

The First Song

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Back in September of 2016 I posted an article about my journey to find the perfect first dance song for my wedding. That article, called An Unconventional First Dance (Click here to check that out), ended with a cliff hanger. My final note was an explanation of how I had figured it which song to pick but couldn’t reveal my choice, as I didn’t want to risk my (then) fiancée figuring it out.

Well the wedding has come and gone so I can now share my choice for all those left wondering! Drum roll please… I chose:

Jenny’s Song by We The Kings

It is easy to be drawn to We The Kings when looking for a love song. They have produced some of the best singles about falling in love that the pop punk genre has seen in recent years. And when it came down to which song to choose, Jenny’s Song just felt like the perfect fit. The track flows in a good pace for a slow dance and the lyrics perfectly captured the feelings that I wanted to covey. From the first time I heard it I could easily picture it playing as the first song that Jacqueline and I would dance to as husband and wife. As I listened to it a few more times and compared it to other songs, I came to the realization that this was definitive choice for the occasion.

For those out there thinking that I was crazy for taking the risk of choosing a song without her knowing, I can say that it definitely paid off. She loved the choice of song and couldn’t have been happier with our first dance. I certainly had my doubts along the way, and it definitely wasn’t the easiest process to see through. In the end it added more to the first dance moment and became a little gift that I could surprise my wife with on our wedding day. I would highly recommend that anyone with a love of music do the same on their big day (either bride or groom)! Take a chance and surprise your partner with a song they can fall in love with and know was chosen just for them.

But that’s not all! Having struggled to find a cohesive list of pop/punk/rock songs that would be appropriate for a wedding, I decided to put together my own playlist of songs that would be great for the big day. My wife wanted a more top 40 dance vibe so I just hid a few of these tracks in to slow things down and sprinkle a little bit of my personality in throughout the night. Check out the playlist below for some great tracks that would be perfect for any wedding (or just give it a listen if you just want to hear some awesome love/party songs in the genre):

What do you think of my choice? Is there another song you would add to this playlist? Lets talk in the comment section below!

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