The Fan’s Expo

The Fan’s Expo

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Every year on Labour Day Weekend, Toronto’s subway and streets are filled with a variety of people in costume. If you don’t know what takes place that weekend then you’re probably thinking your calendar got messed up and that it’s actually Halloween or something. It’s not, it’s Fan Expo.

cosplay This year’s Fan Expo, like every other that I’ve attended, was jammed full of people. Just thousands of people everywhere! What is exciting about this is that at any moment you could see Batman, or the Joker, or a Power Ranger, or Elsa from Frozen. I’d say half the fun of Fan Expo is seeing the cosplay outfits. The range can sometimes be funny, from halloween store purchases to full blown recreations or replicas.

deadtroopers frozenandfriend ironbat I don’t know too much about creating a cosplay outfit from scratch but I know it must take some serious passion to pull off some of this stuff. Hours of gathering reference photos, finding materials that would work for your project, painting, and the list surely goes on. I’d say most of the characters people were cosplaying as I was able to pick out (because of my love of movies/gaming/comics) but there was still a few that left me scratching my head. Most of the mainstream stuff would be easier to recreate and or purchase but these characters that fly under the radar would be a challenge.

jedi-sith r2 troopers vaderselfieSince the cosplay aspect was enjoyable and seemed to be catching my attention this Fan Expo this article will contain mostly that. I’ll leave you with a snippet of the Mr.Robot ‘booth’. If you missed Bryan’s article about his experience at Fan Expo make sure you hit up that next but first, what’s the best cosplay you’ve seen? Leave me a comment below!


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