The Dream Alive – Vocal Few

The Dream Alive – Vocal Few


Vocal Few is a heartwarming and emotion-filled duet exploring themes of love, family, religion and many other aspects of adult life. With a slower, more folk/rock/pop sound and their use of acoustic elements, it is easy to build a connection with each song. Their tracks are an easy listen that would be the perfect backdrop any time you want to slow things down to think. The Dream Alive is their most recent release, and it offers a lot to be excited about.

The Dream Alive puts the focus on the stages of life and embracing the feeling of being unsure of what comes next. It’s easy to be drawn into the stories that are portrayed through the lyrics of each song as Matt & Kristie jump back and forth sharing the vocal lead. This release explores a gambit of different topics. Corner Dwellers leads off the album with a portrait of homeless youth and dives into an overall theme of what it’s like to feel alone. While the album ends in a totally different place with Blue, which focuses on the idea of unconditional love. These may not be new topics to be covered in song, but Vocal Few stands out in their commitment to keeping the songs down to earth and putting a touch of their own personalities in the lyrics. Each song feels raw, like Matt & Kristie are laying a piece of themselves on the line with each verse. This formula conveys emotion, making each song stand out that much more.

If our lives get boiled down to who, what, when, where and how
then nothing outside of now can ever last – Time

Any fan of the band The Classic Crime will instantly recognize the male vocalist as frontman Matt MacDonald. The female vocals come courtesy of his wife Kristie. Together they make quite the musical duo, playing off each other’s strengths to produce a very compelling sound. The realization that they’re husband and wife will lead to discovering that their relationship is the soul of this band. Their intimacy in presenting the lyrics adds even more emotion to the words, intensifying the meaning behind them. Listening to their three albums from the beginning is like hearing a love/life story unfold in front of you, making each album relatable and meaningful to hear.

Vocal Few has always crafted their lyrics around what it means to grow up and start a family. Which makes sense since Matt & Kristie began making music and forming the band as they were preparing for the birth of their first daughter. Their second release came around the time of their second daughter’s birth. This explains why they can so elegantly craft their lyrics to convey the real emotions connected to each stage of life.

You’ve been written into the songs of my life,
and I like the songs that we write – You’ve Been Written

Head over to Spotify now to check out their albums. Then visit their website for more information on this amazing couple and to find out about their current tour/how you can support what they do.

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