The City Streets Speak

The City Streets Speak

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The older I get the more I get urges to just go out and explore new things. New places and new faces lead to new stories and adventures.

Exploring a city is just as exciting as exploring the country. It’s a different type of sensation, but exploration all the same. There’s so much to see in cities and towns. Old buildings, new buildings, busy streets, good food, etc. We had a few hours to kill before a concert in Toronto, so The 400 Project decided to walk the streets in search of neat things to photograph. Since our final destination was a concert hall, we figured it would be best to leave the expensive photography equipment at home. These photos were taken with my cell phone, but boy have we come a long way with camera phones. Enjoy. Then go explore for yourself.

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After hours you can find Ben enjoying a beer while working in the garage. Or working on another digital project, enjoying a beer. The common denominator is beer.

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