The Car You Don’t Care About

The Car You Don’t Care About

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This title probably sounds a bit weird coming from someone who’s a ‘car guy’. You’d probably think every car a car guy would own would be special to him (or her). This is true, but special in another sort of way. A no-fucks-given sort of way. Because of this mentality, owning a car that you feel this way towards can actually sometimes be more enjoyable than owning a car that you care too much about.

Let’s face it, if you drive your car (which you should, it is literally designed to do that) it will eventually get hit with rocks, or sand (tiny rocks), or by a shopping cart or another car, or someone’s coat zipper. It’s going to happen, and when it does you will want to cry and swear at the world for letting this tragic event occur. Unless you don’t give two shits about your car. If it’s your pride and joy, you will love it, love driving it, love washing it, but on the other side of the coin if anything bad happens it’ll be so much worse.

garageThis is Molly. My cares were so low on the care-o-meter that I let my girlfriend at the time name her. Yes I’m one of those people, I name my cars.

rustyI bought the car complete with rust and a buttload of dents. The car’s indented purpose to me, was to essentially be a beater for the winter and a daily driver for when I was taking apart my project car.

overdraftBeing a creative person, and enjoying making things unique to me, I ended up modifying the vehicle quite extensively even though it was just a workhorse in my mind. I spent as little money as I could on things I wanted to do. The main thing was to install unequal length headers for the exhaust (bought off eBay) to give her that famous Subaru rumble.

altcoverAfter that concern was dealt with I got sucked into one of the cheapest ways I can modify something: painting it. Spray paint cans are something I flock to as they are pretty cheap and very very fun. I painted Molly’s alternator cover hazard black and yellow mimicking something I did to a previous Subaru I’ve owned.

bumperThe front lip was carried over from my previous Subaru when I sold it. This was the one big reason I ended up buying Molly, because she’s the same year as that car was. The lip still sports all the screws and battle scars from that previous car.

zip1Mankind’s best invention: The zip tie. This magnificent fastening device is used repetitively around the vehicle. Super cheap, buy em in bags, and let the zippin’ begin!

zip2If you know this year of Impreza you’ll have noticed the lack of fog lights and/or fog light covers on the bumper. I had a really wacky and interesting set up before (Two $5 fog lights from a flea market) and eventually changed my mind. So out came the saw and I chopped off all the plastic that is used in holding fog lights and affixed plastic eavestrough meshing.

zip3Thank you, zip ties.

pillarsHave extra black and yellow paint lying around? Paint your A-Pillars stupid! Don’t forget to apply the painters tape too early as well so you can rip off some of the black tape in the process!

kittyOne of the best things about this car is the Poutine Cat hanging out over the tachometer (in my opinion).

exhaustThis thrice hacked-up fart can was purchased off somebody on Kijiji for $40.

pedalsThe rubber grip on my clutch pedal has fallen off twice now (also note an uncut zip tie hanging down).

switchThe ceiling was written on in sharpie, by me, on a long road trip to Quebec and back. I planned on cutting a hole in it to add these switches anyways so why not have fun and write dumb stuff on your ceiling? While the roof liner was out, I started painting it with vinyl/fabric paint but I was almost done one whole can and was only about halfway finished. So I feathered out the paint and made the ceiling a gradient from the newly sprayed black to the grey. Those cans were too much money at like $14 a can. The switchboard is a cut up binder from college and the metal switch was a whopping $8 per switch, whereas the black one was $4 or something, both from Princess Auto. Originally I was going to have the whole board be metal and have a ton of switches like an jet fighter but that was too much money to spend on this car.

lightsWhat does the switch power? Well, truck cab lights of course! When you don’t care about a car, you can take a drill to the roof without even blinking! These lights? $15 on sale at Princess Auto.

mollyBecause I didn’t care too much about this car I was able to modify it as I pleased without thinking too much into it, or saving for quality parts and proper installations. Nothing about this car is unsafe by any means but shortcuts were taken when it came to stuff that didn’t matter. The front grille is just the stock grille with the Subaru logo cut out of it and some mesh glued in. The car was originally silver but slowly transformed into all flat black courtesy of rattle cans. No spray booth was used, just sprayed it outside (it shows). This car from the get-go was far from good. At least now to me it’s good from afar (seriously, don’t inspect the paint too closely). I’ve driven it to Michigan, Quebec, and all over southern Ontario, beat it to shit in the winter, thrown car parts in the hatch, and it still drives decent. It’s not fast, but it’s loud, has lots of character and can do nice donuts in the snow. What more can you ask for from a cheap workhorse that you don’t care about?

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