The 400 Project

The 400 Project


Life sneaks up on you. In what seems like a blink time passes by and suddenly you have a career, a family, a life lived. It’s easy to get caught up in the next steps and before you know it you have a trail behind you of taken opportunities and roads not traveled.

We tend to stare forward in our lives taking a bullet’s path, focused in one direction. The trouble is that sometime you stop to look around to find that, without realizing it, you took a detour and suddenly you aren’t sure where you are or how to get back to where you want to be.

In some case you aren’t even really sure where you want to be.

This is where am. Or was (depending on when you are reading this). Wondering what to do with my life, and wanting to do something new and exciting. This is where my friends were, having the same crisis. So this is what we decided to do about it.

The 400 Project.

What is the 400 Project? It is a way to slow it all down. Work on a project that allows us to be creative while giving us something to be excited about. Take a different path and see where it leads.

Plain and simple, this is a passion project.

The challenge of the 400 project is for each of us to create 400 pieces of content that we will share with anyone interested in viewing on our site. Content can be anything we want, written articles, photography, podcasts.. seriously anything. We have also planned a few fun surprises along the way. Think of it as a blog, or diary, or just a really cool place to consume something different because you never know what we will be talking about next. These are our voices and opinions, unfiltered.

Who are we? I’m Bryan, a nerdy music loving gamer who is far too opinionated for my own good (essentially what landed me here). I have worked in digital media for years and secretly always dreamed about having a project like this to work on. My best friends Ben and Matt are along for this ride with me as founders of The 400 Project. You can find more about us here

You are an important part of this as well. We hope you will keep reading and letting us know your thoughts as we work towards 400 pieces of content. We want to know what you think because this whole project is about learning and growing.

And just maybe we will inspire some of you to do something exciting or creative of your own.

This will be piece number 1 from me, only 399 to go. Hope to have you along for the ride!

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