Stop Talking, Start Doing

Stop Talking, Start Doing


I’ve met a lot of people throughout my life who like to dream big. I’d actually consider myself to fit into this category of dreamers as well.

It’s pretty fun to talk about amongst your friends or colleagues about ideas to tackle. Maybe you’re just talking about what you want to do to optimize your daily schedule, or perhaps you’re talking about how you want to travel the world. Your friends may agree with you and add to the excitement pushing your thoughts further into elation. Then the conversation and idea fades as the food finally arrives to your table. You continue on just living how you have been after that dropping the exciting idea. The idea may return here and there as an afterthought but that’s all it is now.

Dreaming is fun, but it gets you nowhere if you don’t act on it.

That’s the harsh reality. You can talk about something till the cows come home but if you don’t go out there and get those cows, maybe they will never come home. And without cows, there would be no cheese. That just can’t be.

After awhile you can see it in other people pretty easily. They talk about how they are going to go out and do this and that, but you never see that come to fruition. It’s fun to dream, plan, and talk but it’s almost like the fable: the boy who cried wolf. People will start to see you as the person who talks big but never follows through. It may even get annoying to some. It’s all talk, no action. So it’s time to stop talking about it and start doing it.

There’s no better time than now.

There may be hurdles in the way of the goal, but if you stay focused and you really want to accomplish it, it won’t matter. You’ll find a way to overcome those hurdles if you want it bad enough.

If it’s money: there’s always a corner to cut somewhere and that corner can be placed in a jar to save for your goal.

If it’s time: make time.

If it’s motivation: find those people who you know will help get you stoked on it. Talk to them, get excited again. However if you’re having issues with motivating yourself than it might not be something you even want to do in the first place. Then skip it, and go onto something that does get you amp’d up. No point in wasting time on something you know you won’t fully commit to.

Final piece of advice:

Life’s short. Don’t waste your days thinking about it, go live it.

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