Spring Forward

Spring Forward


With spring comes hope and a sense of excitement. As the air warms so do our spirits. Here’s what I’ve been listening to this spring:

You vs Yesterday

I stumbled across this artist shortly after writing my article And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming and immediately caught the lyric “A 9pm television show that I’ve been recording, And I’d never miss and episode. I love the theme song, Oh, I know I’m sold” and thought that was a pretty fun coincidence. Sometimes music comes into our lives at the perfect time, or perhaps your old favourite means something different now. Bryan talks about how lyrics are more than just words in his article here. You Vs Yesterday only has an EP out so far, however all the tracks boast catchy choruses and hooks that I gravitate towards in pop-punk.

Useless ID

If You vs Yesterday is a bit too on the poppy side Useless ID is a more traditional punk forward band but still has some pretty catchy melodies.


Another punk rock band with a more rougher edge to the vocals. A good album to listen front to back. Coffee Talk is another great song if you’re track picking.

Point North

Super new but from this EP, they are sounding pretty good. Vocals remind me of A Change of Pace.

Thief Club

I was pretty excited when I found Hit The Lights had a side project. Some B-side stuff and other unrelated goodies! Really enjoy the piano in this song, which is not an instrument I naturally pick out.

State Champs

One of my favourite bands, State Champs, released a new single, so that naturally drew me back into their music as well. Last summer their “Around the World and Back” album was played in my car repeatedly; since my car only had a CD player I bought some CDs from my favourite ‘newer’ artists. Here’s their latest song:

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