Soggy Summer

Soggy Summer


Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it pours. But don’t let that bring you down, sometimes the rain is for dancing in. So here’s some tunes to keep your attitude sunny during those rainy summer days.


You only have to listen to Technicolor once by SAINTE to get the catchy chorus stuck in your head. However after you have finished listening to the song, you can’t help but start it over. It’s got old school synth, alternative rock chords, slick bass lines, and that hook that keeps you coming back for more. The rest of the Smile and Wave EP is definitely worth a listen as well.

Emily’s Army

A random discovery for me, so I did a bit of digging. It turns out the band is no longer under the name Emily’s Army, and has changed their name quite a bit. Currently known as SWMRS, I guess the lack of vowels are popular nowadays. I DIGRESS, this song brings forth some more upbeat sunny vibes, with vocals that remind me a bit of the Ramones, and a raw garage-band sound. I almost wasn’t going to include the video because it’s so distracting, as from their sound you would expect a more mature group of individuals, but it’s summer so let’s get a little childish and fun!


Matt shared with you his favourite song from their latest album After Laughter in his May article. I just couldn’t resist adding this track to mine, it’s just so groovy. I’ve never been one for picking out the bass in songs, especially not when I was younger with my love of the electric guitar. Nowadays I’m finding what defines the great songs from the good have been every instrument and vocal track melding together perfectly, being intricate but not complex… and I’ve also been feeling those bass grooves more than ever.


Lil’ band called Bearstronaut from Boston stumbled into my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and now lingers in my Soggy Summer playlist. The track feels like it should be in a late 80s early 90s soundtrack: dreamy synth, little licks on the guitar, and something about the dudes voice. Probably has something to do with the fact his voice is being filtered through a thick manly moustache.

Like Pacific

Kicking things up a bit more diving into a Toronto band called Like Pacific. Their latest album has been on repeat for about a month now for me. The guitar and rhythm in the verses of this song get me every time, love it.

Mystery Weekend

Protest the Mystery Weekend Hero… Kidding, the vocalist and drummer from Protest the Hero alongside some other fellas created this side project for shits and giggles. I’m down. Also came across a funny comment on this vid: “Why do people at North American gigs always look like they’re at a book reading or something?”. Pretty funny and fair statement, I’d say 75% or more of the crowd at most concerts I’ve been to have been pretty stagnant, but we don’t want any broken bones ya’ll!

I’ll be updating my Soggy Summer playlist throughout the summer so give it a follow or check back here for updates!

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