Slug Day

Slug Day

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So not too long ago we published an article I wrote about staying positive and the power it brings. To cover my own skin and to not sound like a giant hypocrite (seriously, hate those guys), sometimes you just gotta have a slump day. In a sense I’m just expanding on this sentence from that article.

There’s nothing wrong with a lazy day but I didn’t have to put myself down and make myself miserable.

A bit further on, I explain that days with nothing on your agenda can be awesome. This is true, but what if you have stuff to do (ex. work) but just feel like a slug? I’m here to say that’s fine too. You might want to tell me to f-off right now and how I said that positive thinking can fix your slug day. Well, it can, but what I’m saying is: if you really just want to have a slug day, that’s fine too. You can’t have highs without lows, and you can’t force yourself to be happy or positive if you really just want to slump around. You still shouldn’t put yourself down when you’re slugging it, just float in the mediocrity. This is where I find music a big warm blanket to snuggle in. There are a ton of artists out there who went through garbage just like you, but they wrote catchy lyrics and guitar tones to match your mood. A rainy day, some emo tunes, and a cozy hoodie can match your low mood perfectly.

You can’t have highs without lows

Life is a roller coaster, whether you like it or not. Sad shit happens: break-ups, divorces, deaths, friends drifting apart, losing a job, etc, etc. It’s important to remain positive and keep your head on straight through it all. Sometimes this gets exhausting and you just need to hang out in the rain for a day. As long as you bounce back there’s no problem in this, we’re just human after all. Don’t forget, you’re not the only one who has gone through a situation like you are going through. Talk to someone if you can’t bounce back, listen to some tunes, enjoy the slug day but know there’s sunshine around the corner. Unless of course the apocalypse happens and the earth’s on fire. In that case, crank some metal music and grow your hair out.

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