Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

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A while back I posted two articles with lyrics from two of the many songs I’ve written in my life. Posting lyrics is one thing but broadcasting music I’ve recorded is a whole other ballgame. From high school to college I’ve recorded over 80 tracks from goofy punk mixes, to personal acoustic sets (not including Matt and my goofy side project Lesson Never Learned) but I’ve never really shown anyone. I had a MySpace page at one point, and a Purevolume page (do you remember Purevolume?) but didn’t really tell any of my friends about it. I just let people listen to it naturally, and I never got much feedback from those channels. I wasn’t sure why I uploaded them in the first place. Well I decided to start a SoundCloud account. Again, I don’t really know why, but I figured if I recorded them why not put them up somewhere. Someone, somewhere, might enjoy them. For those who don’t that’s okay too. I’m super finicky with everything, I’m shy about it, yet I figured why not. I will always see faults in them, but I guess the faults could be part of the charm? I have never taken singing lessons (it shows), and haven’t written music since 2011 but music has always been an outlet for me and I honestly missed it in the last six years. So here we go, have a listen. I’m two songs away from finishing my album Give My Cardiac A Rest which will contain three songs I wrote back in 2011 and five new ones.

For The World To See | 2010

Read The Lyrics

Your Velocity | 2017

Read The Lyrics

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