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Ben wrote an article not long ago about getting out to explore your own country. His message was to experience the sights around you, rather than just dreaming about exotic locales far far away. Check his article out here! I was inspired and decided to follow his advice to open my eyes, so on a recent trip to Sudbury I did a bit of exploring.

Big Nickel

This giant nickel is a trademark of Sudbury. The Big Nickel is 30 ft tall and was built in 1964. I found myself drawn to the story behind its creation, rather than the monstrous coin itself. You see, the idea for the coin was conceived by a man named Ted Szilva in 1963 as a way to celebrate the then upcoming Canadian centennial. The idea was allegedly rejected by city officials, but he decided to follow his vision anyways. The city even went so far as to deny him building permits as a way to avoid its construction. Ted didn’t let them or anyone else stand in the way of his vision, embarking on the project on his own. He was able to pay off big time when the city finally recognized the merit in his idea and the Big Nickel has since become the icon of the city itself.

Having others not believe in your vision is something we can all relate to. But working out the details to prove your concept is viable, and believing in your passion till the end is a case worth learning from. The story is inspirational, and shows what can happen when you believe in your dream and see it through to the end. It goes to show that you should never let anyone else tell you what you can’t accomplish. Only you know your limits and though others will try to tell you otherwise, only you can control your destiny. So get out there, take a chance, believe in yourself. Who knows what you will create!


It really is true that you can find inspiration anywhere, even when you least expect it. All it takes is opening your eyes to take a clear look at your surroundings. You may be surprised what you can find when you look around. Who knows, you may be inspired by something that has been there all along (like a tourist attraction you have know about all your life). Hey, what could it hurt to try?

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