Puppy Love

Puppy Love

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I’m like 90% sure it is impossible to be in a bad mood when there is a puppy around. For the majority of 2017 I’ve been consistently in a good mood. I’m not super positive but having this pup hang with us at work may have something to do with that.

A puppy is sort of like babysitting. Monte manages to find all the items on the floor you didn’t even know existed, so you have to constantly be watching to make sure he doesn’t run off around the corner in search of more hidden treats. He also enjoys nibbling on your hands or arms so make sure to have a toy nearby to replace your skin with.

It’s very hard to be upset when he pees on the floor because he’s just so darn cute (and because he’s not my full responsibility, haha!).

So basically I’m the luckiest employee as I get to view the puppy as a ‘nephew’ of sorts. I get to play with him for part of the day, have all the fun, and not have to deal with the difficult parenting stuff. (vet bills, letting him out early in the AM, etc.)

Sadly as he gets older very quickly, soon he will be going to puppy daycare. So I have to enjoy the puppy days while they last.

Monte is a rescue dog, and his owners are 98.6% sure he’s a golden retriever. They may do a DNA test to find out as he’s 10 pounds heavier than the average golden at his age. Whatever he may be, I know Monte’s a good boy.

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