Project Drift

Project Drift


After owning my RX7 for four years now you’d think that I’ve been enjoying the car as much as possible. However lately the car seems to be apart more than it’s together.


So after I finally finished my SR20 engine swap and getting most things working I got to party again! This would be the first time I’d ever use my dolly or tow anything really in general. Safe to say I was beyond nervous. So after a night of barely any sleep the next morning added onto my frustrating considering leaving¬†to Shannonville Motorsport Park took a bit longer than I wanted.

IMG_2843 IMG_2844

After we finally got there, I swapped the rear wheels out for the original wheels that came with the car (complete with 2 years of barn sitting lifestyle).


I had so much fun aside from some overheating issues (I can’t seem to escape them regardless of what engine is in the car). Just writing this now is making me want to go back and improve my driving. I’d like to think that throughout the day that was the case, as I got to feel out the car more with each run on the skid pad.

20180908_150303 IMG_0308

Near the end of the day the tires I was drifting on got pretty worn out so if they weren’t hot and sticky, they were unpredictable. Now I know what I have to do for the next track day! Get brand new electric cooling fans this time around instead of just grabbing some off a Dodge Neon in a scrapyard, and fix a leak that popped up.


Overall I was super impressed with how Rebel was running throughout the day, and how well the Rig pulled the car. We had a wicked time at TOPP Drift!

Photos by Kat Helmond and I

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