Oro World’s Fair: Truck and Tractor Pull

Oro World’s Fair: Truck and Tractor Pull

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The Oro World’s Fair every year holds a truck and tractor pull on the Friday evening which continues on late into the night. People from all over come to see if the weighted Sled can stop the vehicle from pulling it the entire length of the course. The turn out was pretty crazy this year as they filled the two grandstands and then some as a few large crowds didn’t even occupy seats.

traccc tractors tractor They send the tractors out first to tackle the task. Groups are broken down into classes by weight and other categories (this is the same for the trucks as well). truckThe weight they pull is on what they call a Sled. It’s designed to winch up the weight closer to the vehicle pulling it as it is dragged along, making the task harder and harder as the Sled is pulled.smoeky A lot of the vehicles are diesel powered and have a crazy amount of torque, but there are classes for gasoline powered vehicles as well.thunderWhat everyone is really there to see (at least I am) are the super modified tractors and trucks. Some run alcohol instead of gas or diesel and will cause half the audience to plug their ears. (Though I don’t know why as it sounds like ecstasy in its purest form). 20160916_203114 fireThis is another crowd favourite, a turbo diesel tractor. Shooting flames and black smoke rapidly into the sky.engine 20160916_225555expressI found a photo a few days before the fair of me standing near this very truck when I was a kid. (Can be seen in my first gearhead article) I thought it was pretty cool that it’s out and kicking still. I’m not sure if it’s under the same owner or has been passed down a generation but whatever it’s story is, I’m glad it still runs and pulls just as hard.

This year it was actually fairly warm out considering some past years people would be wearing ski jackets and blankets. Can’t get much more country than lifted trucks pulling things for fun. That’s what everything needs to be about though: fun.

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