Open Up Your Eyes

Open Up Your Eyes


Lately I’ve been dreaming of exploring. About traveling across the globe and experiencing different climates and sights. Meeting new people and trying new things has been at the top of my list lately in life. On the way to achieving one of those goals this past weekend (the experiencing new things goal), I came across another mini revelation.

Here at the 400project we live in Southern Ontario. (Actually grouped around the 400 series highway, which is where the decision of the 400 article goal came from.) I realized we live in a pretty beautiful place in itself and that sometimes you don’t need to get on a plane and fly half way across the world to be wowed. All it takes is for you to take a look around you. It doesn’t matter if you live in the heart of a city, or out in the country, there is beauty everywhere.

Being a Canadian is pretty cool, and Canada is so flipping huge there’s no way I’ll ever see all of it in my lifetime. An amazing opportunity is approaching this year as it is Canada’s 150th birthday. The Government is giving away free national park passes for this year and we all grabbed one. I’m stoked to explore more of my backyard this year.

The underlying point of this article is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money or any for that matter (minus gas I guess) to travel and experience new things. There’s no way you live in a town where nothing happens. Cities host the weirdest events sometimes and if you’re bored why not give one a shot? You never know you could be missing out on something you may love. If you’re done with your town, go for a road trip, get off your butt and do something new.

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