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I’ve never been a fan of the winter. Which really sucks seeing as I’ve grown up with over four months of it (at the bare minimum) each year of my life. However, there has always been one fond memory of winter other than tobogganing for me.


Snowmobiling. It basically stems from my love of things that make smoke and loud noises. This 1976 Bombardier TNT has been around long before I even existed.


The cool thing about that is that it’s been used throughout my entire family and second family. This machine along with a Citation (similar year) was used to pull wooden toboggans around with a bunch of cousins and me. It still runs and now my niece got to experience the winter activity that is snowmobiling.



She was pretty excited to putt around the yard for a bit. Being as the machine is so old, it’s had its fair share of repairs.



We cleaned up the spark-plugs and played with the carburetor a bit when we had it out but it wasn’t running right. A few little fixes to do here and there but for something so old it still runs a ton of original hardware well!


Are there any fun things you enjoy doing during the winter? Leave some in the comments below!

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