My Vinyl Collection Part II

My Vinyl Collection Part II


Back in October I did a post of some of my favourite records that I own. My collection has grown quite a bit since then, so I figured I’d do an updated post.

22, A Million by Bon Iver was one of my favourite albums last year, and also features some of my favourite album artwork. Lucky for me the vinyl came with a lyric booklet with some amazing designs by Eric Timothy Carlson.

Ixora by Copeland is slowly becoming one of my most listened to records. If you’re into indie music and haven’t listened to these guys yet, please do.

the altar - banks

Both The Altar by Banks and 22, A Million came out on the same day last fall and I went to the store to buy 22, A Million but didn’t feel like spending as much as it was so I got The Altar instead (obviously I ended up buying 22, A Million eventually anyways). I always recommend Banks to anyone interested in alternative pop music.

lp1 - fka twigs

Another one of my favourite “alt-pop” artists is FKA twigs. The amount of detail in the production of this album sounds amazing on vinyl.

emotion side b - carly rae jepson

Leave it to the Canadian Queen of Pop Carly Rae Jepson to put out a B-sides album that’s just as good as the actual album. Seriously, both Emotion and Emotion Side B are amazing.

singles - future islands

Aptly named, Singles by Future Islands is quite literally an album full of singles. Every track is great and this is one of those albums I can play from start to finish without skipping any.

the night god slept - silent planet

If you like heavy music and you aren’t listening to Silent Planet yet, I don’t even know what to say to you (except maybe that you should at least dive into their lyrics, which I wrote about here). The Night God Slept is such a perfect album and this clear vinyl is just plain beautiful.

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