My Apothegm Series

My Apothegm Series

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From the outside it would seem having a career as a creative would be an easy job. I mean we get to play around with colours, shapes, pictures and words. I’ll admit it does make getting out of bed in the morning easier but not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes you have to deal with difficult clients, the battle against continuous proper ergonomics, or the worst of all: Creative Block.

It can be frustrating and exhausting being creative all day. Sometimes you want to explore avenues you normally couldn’t at work. That, and a conversation between Matt and I sparked an idea for a mini design project of mine.

My Apothegm Series

Everyone has a voice inside their head, a conscious, something telling you right from wrong. This voice can both uplift you and devastate you. Around this time last year I started pushing myself into attempting new things, thinking more positively, and not letting things get me down. I created little sayings or reminders (apothegms), but just never wrote them down. So I figured this design project would be a great way to express those thoughts in a creative way, as well as remind me to keep my chin up.

A majority of them revolve around the focus of moving forward, not staying stagnant, and always pushing for the best. Consistently pushing to better oneself, better the conversations you have around you daily, and deepen the relationships and friendships you already have established. Being a creative, I’ll never be satisfied with who I am enough to stop personal growth. No one is perfect so keeping the mindset that you will never achieve perfection keeps you humble. However that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to be better. So I’m never stopping, in all aspects of life.

Never Settle

Reaffirming all of what I previously mentioned. Never Settling with second best, or slowing down just because it’s easy or convenient. Pushing forward towards what you really want and dream of.


Grow Always

Through the bad and the good you learn, and through learning you grow.

Forge Ahead

Time never stops, so why should you? Keep the momentum, keep your chin up, and keep on, keeping on.


Open Your Eyes

Sometimes beauty is right in front of your face.


Destroy Doubt

One of the most challenging tasks. Not listening to your inner voice when it’s an asshole.


Manifest Passion

Love, and love deeply. Love freely, and love frequently. Friends, strangers, and significant others.


Keep your eyes peeled on our site for my second installment of My Apothegm Series. For now, what are some of your personal Apothegms? What gets you fired up and motivated everyday?

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