Morning Star

Morning Star


After establishing an interesting world in Red Rising and building the tension to its breaking point in Golden Son, it couldn’t have been easy for Pierce Brown bring this series to an end. From the story told in his acknowledgements at the end of the book, this was certainly the case. But while this may not have been an easy process, he still managed to bring the story to a close with all the luster that has been present in the series to this point.

Morning Star finds Darrow and friends on the defensive. With so much lost and their plans off the rails, Darrow will need to regroup in order to salvage his mission to break the chain of his oppressed people from their Gold overlords. Darrow will face a growing enemy force, including a few Golds that he once considered friends. To win, he will need to inspire those shackled in darkness to rise up and claim their place in the worlds that they toiled to build and have been too long denied.

Morning Star starts in a very dark place after the events ending Golden Son. Pierce Brown uses that darkness to further develop Darrow’s character by bringing him full circle. His deception and subterfuge are in the past and this instalment in the series is about all out war. The reader will see characters that they have grown with since book one reach their breaking points and find out, for good or evil, how they will face the new society that Darrow is trying to create. But most importantly, Morning Star answers the question all readers have been waiting to find out, whether Darrow and friends will be able to rise above and fulfill their plan to live for more or if The Society will prevail. Don’t worry, no spoilers here!

Pierce Brown manages to close off this story with what feels like a satisfying end to everyone’s storylines. That doesn’t mean happy endings all around, but it does mean that you wont feel left hanging or not understanding how a character fits into the endgame. Morning Star is a roller coaster ride of emotion from the very beginning that pulls the reader into the world further. The strength of this series has always been built on Pierce Brown’s ability to keep the overall elements and themes throughout the story, while making each book a unique experience. That is what makes this trilogy so successful and will keep readers invested in the story from start to finish.

Those looking for more adventures in this amazing world will be happy to know that Pierce Brown is currently working on a follow-up series called Iron Gold. With that release set for January 16, 2018, there is a lot more in store for Darrow and his companions that you have grown attached to over the last 3 books.

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