Lyrics With Meaning: Growing Pains

Lyrics With Meaning: Growing Pains


We all listen to music, but how often do we really hear the words being sung (or sometimes screamed) directly into our ears?¬†Musicians are our society’s great poets and deserve some praise for the lyrics that they so skillfully craft. In this new series I will be focusing on exactly that, showcasing those lyrics that have stood out to me as having a deeper meaning. This is all about the words with a message that can be found beneath the catchy rhymes or hooks that get stuck in your head. The first post in this series focuses on growing up and progressing through life.

“I had to work harder and longer, be smarter and stronger, than the person right beside me.
Have the confidence and common sense to know there’s still something inside me.
And oh, I gave my very best, with the purest intent and I’ll be proud when I look back”

– Looking Back, This Wild Life

“Where does the time go? Feels like I’m Chasing Ghosts”

– Run and Stumble, Anthony Raneri

“I’m 26.
All the people I graduated with, All have kids, All have wives, All have people who care if they come home at night.
Well, Jesus Christ, did I fuck up?.”

– Passing Through A Screen Door, The Wonder Years

“I’ve messed with confidence and never understood
If you’re not afraid then you’re not doing all you could”

– It’s Not As Depressing As It Sounds, Bayside.

“Fix the car. Fix the House. Fix the flaws in myself”

– Local Construction, Relient K

Think about the lyrics above as more than just words to progress the song to its next verse. They all speak to aspects of what it takes to grow. This Wild Life speaks to overcoming struggles to obtain your version of success, while The Wonder Years take a different perspective speaking to looking back on your choices, a life crisis of sorts. Don’t just take my word for it though, lyrics can be highly subjective depending on your position, opinion, or point in life. I highly recommend taking a listen to each song to find out what the lyrics mean to you!

Do you have any recommendations for lyrics that speak about growth? Share your favourites in the comment section below!

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