Letting Go

Letting Go

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It can be sad saying goodbye to a car. You have memories associated with the vehicle. It took you places, it made you mad or it made you happy. I have a lot of memories associated with this decaying hunk of metal. This isn’t the first car I’ve gotten rid of, but it’s the first one I’ll be stripping apart and sending to the wreckers. With that comes and extra form of sad: knowing the car will never ever drive again… It’ll never again go on a last minute road trip to Michigan, drive past smelly fields in Quebec spread with pig manure, or drive down a snowmobile trail thinking it was a one way road. It’ll be harvested for its organs and its skeleton will be left to decay further among its fellow dead and forgotten. Thanks for the memories Molly, and RIP in pieces.

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After hours you can find Ben enjoying a beer while working in the garage. Or working on another digital project, enjoying a beer. The common denominator is beer.

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