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Last Week Tonight

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Social commentary mixed with a pretty amazing sense of humour is the recipe that makes John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight one of the best 30 minute shows you can find on the air today. This is a late-night talk/news satire program that entertains at every turn. Each episode starts with some news coverage from the previous week, before settling in on one main topic to be discussed. Not exactly a new formula for a late-night show, but it still manages to stand out. You will tune in for the laughs, but find that you actually end up learning a lot about various topics you likely didn’t know (or previously care) about. The writers don’t hold back, taking an unfiltered look at the parts of our society that could really use some attention.

Covering everything from the Trump presidential campaign to the state of fantasy sports gambling, there really is something for everyone. Even episodes on topics like the penny prove to be interesting and hilarious.

The winning formula this show has honed is allowing the topic to be the focal point. The jokes never feel forced because John Oliver and team draw out the naturally humorous parts of the topic itself. It’s not about out-of-left field jokes and one-liners, Last Week Tonight has you laughing about the things that happen in our world every day. When heavier topics are covered, humour is tastefully inserted while still pulling you to care about the subject being presented. Many times you will find yourself laughing one minute and frustrated with the world around us the next.

You really are never sure what will happen next on Last Week Tonight. One story on Debt Buyers and American debt ended in John starting a debt buying company, purchasing the medical debt of nearly nine thousand people in Texas (a value just shy of 15 million dollars), and forgiving the debt in what he called “The largest one time give away in television show history”. Check it out:

Another episode focused on separating ‘Donald Trump’ the man from ‘Trump’ the brand, resulted in John asking America to “Make Donald Drumpf again”. Best explained by watching the segment below:

This is a great show that will give you tons of laughs, all while expanding your knowledge of our society. No wonder this is an Emmy Award winning show. Want see more? Head on over to Last Week Tonight’s Youtube channel for more great videos. Season 4 just started a few weeks back in February, so this is a great time to start watching!


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