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Sometimes vacations don’t go as planned… After finding a weekend that was going to work with the three of us to camp out somewhere, we decided that Algonquin would be a fun place to check out. Matt was the only one who had been there before so he booked the site. We would be camping on Coon Lake.

20180622-DSC_5542Fast forward a few months and we were assembling our camping lists and shopping for things we didn’t have already. I was mentally preparing myself for complications that could arise by bringing my dog Nimbus for the first time outdoors all weekend. The first thing that actually went wrong though, was that Donny’s work required him to do overtime that weekend so it was going to just be Matt, Nimbus, and I making the two hour drive to Algonquin.

20180622-DSC_5522After loading the Rig, stopping for ice, and saying hi to our best bud’s new baby girl, we hit the road, just two dudes and a dog. Our cell signal got lost once we hit the gate of Algonquin’s massive park. So naturally we drove too far and drove out of the park on the East side. Realizing we missed our exit we turned around and discovered that the Coon Lake entrance was actually off of Rock Lake’s. After signing in and swatting a few mosquitoes, we found our site.

20180622-DSC_551720180622-DSC_552420180622-DSC_5537The campsites were actually super close together and pretty small. Ours was decent though and had access to the lake via some beautiful rocks. We set up camp while Nimbus watched from the Rig. It was time to bust out the beers and made some dinner.

20180622-DSC_553220180622-DSC_554520180622-DSC_5558Afterwards we walked down to the beach where dogs were forbidden to access and took some photos of Ontario’s majesty. This would have been a lot more enjoyable if we weren’t swatting mosquitoes every second. They got so bad that the only solution we could seem to find was to start our fire early.

20180622-DSC_558820180622-DSC_559220180622-DSC_561120180622-DSC_561520180622-DSC_562720180622-DSC_563220180622-DSC_569720180622-DSC_5700After a bug filled evening it was shaping up to be a bug filled night. Nimbus and I tested out the new bug screens and slept in the Rig while Matt was in his tent. The next day we had rain, bug bites, and a constant stream of mosquitoes. Just leaving the Rig door open for a few seconds filled the entire truck back up. After spending an hour trying to kill all of them and dirtying up my headliner we decided this trip was a bust.

20180622-DSC_563720180622-DSC_564320180622-DSC_5672It was too bad because our site would have been great to just relax by the water and spend the afternoon hiking. Not every vacation can go as planned but it was still fun having the road trip, having a few beers, getting to see a few sights, and testing out the new truck.

20180623-DSC_573120180623-DSC_5736You win this round bugs. Till next time Algonquin! 


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