Each New Year’s Eve we tend to look back and give a stamp of approval – or disgust – on the year that has just past. The trouble is that after that quick look back we generally just move on to the next year without any actual reflection on what we can do to improve.

Some people make resolutions to change aspects of their lives (and some actually stick to them, believe it or not), but what about the rest of us? What happens after the countdown ends and the hangover fades.

A new year is supposed to be a new start, but for the most part nothing really changes. January 1st is just another day. It can’t be a new start unless we actually take some steps to alter our path.

This year I suggest a different plan. Rather than just continuing on, look back and take stock of 2016.

Think back on your best memories over the past year. What were the days and nights you enjoyed the most? Who was there beside you when you made those memories? Think about everything you loved about the past year, but more importantly, why you loved it. Now look forward to 2017 for opportunities to replicate those experiences. To turn that handful of great days in 2016 into an abundance in the new year.

Now do the same with the bad. What did you hate about 2016? Think back on the days and nights you labeled your worst. who were you with? what did you do? Then consider all aspects of your every day to discover the things that brought you down. If you dreaded going to work every day, maybe 2017 is the time to think about a new company or role. If you have someone in your life that is affecting you negatively, maybe its time to re-evaluate your relationship. If you were lonely maybe its time to look into alternative ways to meet people, signing up for a dating site perhaps?

The point is not to get yourself down on what could have been, or what wasn’t. You cant change the past year, but you can learn from it. Objectively evaluate the good and bad in order to improve your years going forward. Don’t get caught up on the things you cant control either, instead consider what choices you have made along the way and how they affected you.

The important part is that once you are done with your analysis, you leave all the negative feelings behind and proceed with a clean slate. Learn and move on with the goal of having a better year this time around.

Make this a holiday to remember by giving yourself the gift the of a better next year!

What are you hoping out of 2017? Share your goals in the comments section below!

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