A friend of mine invited me to an Instagram meetup that her friend organizes, Socality Toronto. Every few weeks they meet for coffee drinking, photo taking and exploring the city. Though I don’t generally consider myself an outgoing person, I figured “why not?”– at the very least I’d trade some awkward social interactions for a few decent photos.

We met at Quantum Coffee on King Street – about twenty of us altogether. Everyone was super cool and friendly and I quickly lost any social awkwardness I was expecting (caffeine helps).

After going around the table swapping phones so we could all follow each other on Instagram, we headed out to explore the frigid January Toronto.

People in the design community have been worrying about print being dead for years… I’ll let photo speak for itself.

It’s crazy how many photo-worthy areas are right under your nose. I’ve seen this bridge in movies and TV shows filmed in Toronto but have never actually seen it in real life. (It’s called “The Yellow Bridge” but it seems to be fading to more of a beige.) We all snapped photos of the architecture and skyline and posed for portraits. I don’t have a lot of experience with portrait photography so it was nice to get some tips from others. It’s great how a shared interest can bring people together – and talking about cameras and Instagram quickly led to discussions about other topics and life in general.

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