You get tape, boxes, maybe some bubble wrap. You take everything you own, pack it safely into those boxes, and you move. You pick up and take your life with you on to the next chapter.

Moving is one of the most interesting (and annoying) things we do as human beings. In general, we live in a place for a time and eventually outgrow or out live its usefulness so we find a new place to live and leave the old one behind.

When we move we leave behind a lot more than walls. Think about it. Your apartment/condo/house/wherever you live is your safe place. It is the place you relax, sleep, eat, think, grow and so much more. And when we decide to move we leave that piece of our lives behind. After moving you will, generally, never go back to that place that was such a big part of your every day up until this point.

When we move to a new place (country, city, town, etc.) the changes are exponential. The places that we’re so familiar with are left behind and replaced with new coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. That neighbourhood you were a part of is left behind and chances are that you will never be back there for the remainder of your life. It’s a strange feeling.

In times of reflection we sometimes look back on the places that used to be our home. We drive past and reminisce on the meanings those places had in our lives. We wonder at what the new tenants did with the place, what they are like, what their lives are like living within the same walls we used to occupy.

To move forward means letting the past become those memories we can look back on. We can’t hold ourselves back based on the things and places in our past lives, or we certainly shouldn’t. Growth is a necessary part of our lives and it is important to embrace the changes we experience.

Home is where you are, but never forget about those places that kept you safe to this point.

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