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Have Mercy


I love an album that leaves an impact right away. In only one song, Have Mercy’s release A Place Of Our Own does exactly that.

To Convey opens up the album on such a powerful note. The song starts off  in a calm and almost threatening tone, moving quickly to a yelled expression of anger, and ending in a soft accepting tone. The 1:28 song only feature one block of lyrics, “I remember your hands at my throat, A sweet reminder how you’ll never let go. To convey: is this the best way you know? There’s nothing better than to ever stoop this low… If I ever get my hands on you…”. Expressing those words in different tones begins developing the depth that is explored throughout the rest of the album. That short song gives you the full range of what to expect from your experience with Have Mercy, and is the perfect opening to the album.

“Got a Bible but I’m the only one that had a plan for me
Left my God in confidence ‘cause I never heard him speak” – SpaceCrafts

The strength of A Place Of Our Own is in the mix of beautifully crafted lyrics and hard hitting instrumentals/vocals. What will have you coming back is the diversity of content in every song. Have Mercy presents you with moments where a song changes entirely, catching you by surprise and requiring you to pay closer attention. This can take the form of a quick switch from singing to yelling, or picking up the songs speed only to slow it right back down. Pete Rose And Babe Ruth is a great example of that. It adds a really interesting depth to each song and gives you a new experience each time you hit play.

Call it Post-Hardcore/Emo/Indie-Punk, the album could fit into a lot genres but the important part is that it leaves an impact. Listening to the lyrics feels like a reflection back on things you have overcome, almost like these songs are nostalgic moments relived by the band. The focus here is emotion, but approaching those feeling from a place of strength. It’s a formula that will stick with you.



For more info on the band check out Have Mercy’s site here. If you like A Place Of Our Own, be sure to add their previously released album The Earth Pushed Back to your list. Though the production quality of that album is a bit less refined, it features the same amazing lyrical content as their follow up.

This album has been around since 2014, but I just recently stumbled across it and good music should always be shared. The band released the single Collider in 2015 but hopefully we will see more new music coming soon!

What do you think of Have Mercy? Lets chat in the comments below!

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