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Garage Weather


The weather has finally warmed up enough for me to roll Rebel into the garage and get to work. I’ve been waiting all winter, collecting parts, making lists and plans, and now spring has finally arrived. It may only be 1 degree above freezing in Ontario, but that’s enough for me to throw on my garage jacket and get to it!

In traditional working on an old car fashion, a small 15 minute job turned into several hours. My power steering lines have been leaking ever since I did the engine swap and I soon discovered why. When putting the engine in the car the custom oil pan bent the lines slightly, just enough to start two small leaks. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to remove the lines without removing the engine again but after several hours of soaking in penetrating oil and using two sizes of vice grips and these sockets I bought for a stripped bolt, the things finally came out.

The winter wasn’t kind to a lot of my window stickers, many have begun to peel or fell off entirely.

Diving into my winter stock pile of fun parts I began to install my NRG short hub so I could get my GRIP Royal and Sparco quick release back on.

This time around I decided to stop taking shortcuts and soldered the wiring for the horn as last time I just crimped them and hoped the wires would never break loose. The NRG hub didn’t come with any hardware which was kind of disappointing and I wasn’t about to use the crappy China Allen key bolts that my old one had so I grabbed what I had available in my stockpile.

The wheel is back on and I’m happy with it for now. A new steering wheel is on my Wish List as I don’t really need one, I just want a new one. This wheel used to be purple until it faded in the sun, and this was also back when I was going to do a lot of my interior purple.

I installed my S5 Taillights a few weeks back when it was even colder, I just couldn’t wait. I’m super happy with them even though I had to get out the grinder and cutting disc and remove some metal to get them to fit.

This year is going to be a lot more fun in the garage as instead of just talking to myself and singing along with my music I can now randomly shout at my new puppers Nimbus. He currently doesn’t appreciate being “alone” outside the garage and likes to bark at me to remind me that he is there. Hoping the habit will fade soon but either way it’s good to have a garage buddy.

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