From The Archives: Breathless

From The Archives: Breathless

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Back in the day. Matt and I used to have a band. It was terrible, but fun. Well the love of music, and writing music stayed with me for some time afterwards, into college. I unfortunately haven’t wrote any music in years. So I’m hoping these articles will get me motivated again. Most of the inspiration for my music just comes from being a hopeless romantic, so some songs are the definition of cheese.


By Ben Cuppage | Written Sept 17th, 2009. 

When you walk into the room
I don’t know what to do
it seems time stands still
and you are dressed to kill

And your eyes look into mine
but I can’t open my mouth
Because I fear I will
say something stupid

But I need to, tell you
how you make me feel
And I know that, we should
be something more than this

But I need to, show you
how you make me feel
And I know that for sure
we should be something more

I hope you feel tension here
as it continuously grows
along with my feelings of
admiration for you

And I can’t take this anymore
Just get out of my head
You’re like a disease that
I will never cure

Repeat Chorus

I love the way you take my breath away
I need you most, when I miss your voice
Will you hold my hand? We’ll get away from here
Just you and I forever, my dear

So I hope you understand
you hold my heart in your hand
Now what you do with it is
Up to you

I wonder if you’d be so kind
If you’d let me call you mine
hold you tightly
for all of time

Repeat Bridge X4

Over last two repetitions:
I love the way you take my breath
leaving me speechless with nothing left
to say or feel but love for you
All i know is this is completely true


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