Fall Back

Fall Back


Fall is an interesting time of year. The beauty of Fall is often overlooked as the season finds itself stuck in between the blues of summer coming to an end and the hype of winter snow and dreams of Christmas. 

Due to its positioning, Fall can feel more like a transitional period of the year rather than a stand out. The truth is that it is a great time to slow things down and reflect back on the year so far. What have you done? Have you been lost or found? As we clean up all the fallen leaves and prepare our homes and selves for the winter, shouldn’t we also take stock in our minds. To clean out and dispose of the things that are holding us down, and leave them in past?

It’s a great time to consider what goals you still want to accomplish in this year. What things you can do and what you have to re-evaluate for next year. Are you where you thought you would be, or is there more you need to take care of before the year comes to a close.

Fall can be an easy time to let yourself do exactly what the name says, fall. To give up on the year as you slip into a food coma from thanksgiving turkey and Halloween candy. I often find myself this time a year feeling lazy and lethargic. Like I can slow down and coast into the next year. And if that’s your choice, there is nothing wrong with that! But make sure it’s your choice and not a habit you slip into. The point is to not get to the end of the year and look back with anxiety on the wasted time.

There is a beautiful symmetry between our changing surroundings during Fall and the year coming to an end. Everything is starting to settle in for the long freeze and slow thaw. Settle in and remember to never lose sight of your goals, no matter the season. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to and if you want to get the most out of your year then fall is no time to slow down!

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