Cold Winter, Colder Hearts

Cold Winter, Colder Hearts


Sometimes, life sucks. It can’t always be rainbows and sunshine. The good thing is that music isn’t always happy; in fact most of the time the subject matter is quite dark, sad, or complex. You’re not alone in your depths, and music can help remind you of that. Someone, somewhere has been through what you are going through, or worse. So crank the tunes and carry on.


Sometimes you hear about bands earlier in life and you either ignore them or they quite don’t speak to you yet. The Classic Crime is one of those bands for me, and The Precipice is definitely a song that hit me hard in the chest at a very specific moment in my life. Music is such a powerful art form, it may possibly be the strongest, and the bridge of this song hit a certain nail right on the head. The vocal harmonies at the end of the song are also done very well. Wonderful track, powerful lyrics, have a listen.


The entire Feel Something album by Movements is incredible. They deal with a wide variety of mental and emotional sicknesses. Full Circle is such a well written song, both lyrically, musically, and in subject matter. Movements has a unique sound and you can literally hear the passion in the voice of the lead singer Patrick. Truly an inspirational song for songwriters, those dealing with depression, or anyone else for that matter.


Rise Records nailed the recording on Thousand Below’s The Love You Let Too Close album. The guitar in the bridge of this song when the leader singer Devin screams “I swear I try” sounds immaculate cranked on probably any speaker system. This is my favourite track from that album but all are worth a listen hands down. I skipped out on a concert in Toronto with these guys because I was too bummed about other artists not making it. I regret that decision every time I crank Thousand Below. Vocals, lyrics, guitar, all fitting together so wonderfully.



A discover weekly find thanks to Spotify. A solid pop-punk-rock song about needing that special someone. Not a heavy hitter like the other’s I’ve posted so far but it ticks all the right boxes for a good pop-punk track. (To be honest some of the other songs I wanted to share on my list don’t have youtube videos and I didn’t want to ruin the flow. Check out the Spotify list at the end of the article for more.)


Ending with a sledgehammer! Hundredth’s latest album is quite different from this very song, but this very song is what fit into the overall theme and vibes of what I was listening to in the early winter. This song is mostly about just being incredibly pissed off with being unhappy, and having enough of that shit! It’s a short song at just over 2 minutes, so it got replayed quite a bit.

A lot more songs and artists that were not listed can be found on my playlist here:

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