Chipping Away

Chipping Away

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When you embark on a big project you are flooded with a variety of different emotions. Fear, self-doubt, uneasiness, and an urge to procrastinate are present but luckily are usually outweighed by the excitement that made you start it in the first place. As time passes and you get deeper into the project sometimes you regret decisions you made and want to turn back. With my project car Rebel there was no turning back. After wires were cut from the old engine I knew I couldn’t turn around and put the old engine back in. web20170511-DSC_3627There’s no denying that I’ve regretted my decision here and there but I still find the motivation to keep me going. The speed in which I’m going is never constant however. I am finally getting close now that I can practically hear the exhaust and turbo noises. Man am I dying to hear those turbo noises.web20170511-DSC_3631The last piece of the puzzle is perhaps my biggest obstacle. I took a very very small electrical course in high school, but that is where my knowledge ends. It’s not as simple as ‘attach this red wire to this red wire’, mainly because I’m mating a Nissan Engine/Computer to a Mazda chassis. Some functions on the Mazda required two wires where as the Nissan only used one, or they name things completely different, or have one has things the other doesn’t. I’m losing my mind, and being so close to the end is pushing my patience to it’s limit as well. web20170511-DSC_3633The project has come with a variety of different speed bumps a long the way but with each one so far I’ve slowly traveled across them. The clutch line gave me grief for awhile but now it’s working like a charm.web20170511-DSC_3637Where I was putting my battery was another small obstacle. That’s now solved as well.web20170511-DSC_3660I felt bad leaving the ol’ girl without her face on so I reattached the bumper, this also helped get me motivated as it looks more like a complete car now. web20170511-DSC_3686So close.web20170511-DSC_3615Pro tip: bust the beers out after you’ve completed what you wanted to complete for the day, not right before you begin looking at wiring schematics.

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After hours you can find Ben enjoying a beer while working in the garage. Or working on another digital project, enjoying a beer. The common denominator is beer.

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