Beertography: One

Beertography: One

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During the day I work at a local brewery as their graphic designer. I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty good gig, and I’m glad they saw the value of having a designer on hand and what that could do for the brand (especially one that’s in its infancy stage). Primarily because of this job, my love of craft beer has grown exponentially. I’ve learned a bunch but still have a ton to learn.

Here at the 400 Project we like exploring new things, and experiencing them with friends and family. I think this is really what craft beer is about as well. The excitement that surrounds trying something new, or simply a nice looking brew or can design will sometimes inspire a photograph to be taken. I end up with photos ranging from quick cell phone snaps to me pulling out the DSLR (for work or pleasure). My more thought-out and edited photography of beer will be under the Beertography article name, whereas my impromptu cell shots will follow under the Hopshot name.

Also: don’t forget to check out Bryan’s first article here featuring some of the craft beer he’s enjoyed.

Sprung! Redline Brewhouse
Redline Brewhouse | Sprung! Belgian Pale Ale with Coriander & Spelt
Exchange Brewery
Exchange Brewery | Framboise Belgian Pale Ale with Raspberries
Redline Brewhouse
Redline Brewhouse | Double Clutch Double IPA
Sawdust City Brewing
Sawdust City | Assorted Brews
Rainhard Brewing Co
Rainhard Brewing Co | Kapow! West Coast IPA
Redline Brewhouse
Redline Brewhouse | Air Ride IPA
Bellwoods Brewery | Double Jutsu Double IPA


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After hours you can find Ben enjoying a beer while working in the garage. Or working on another digital project, enjoying a beer. The common denominator is beer.

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