Back To School

Back To School


It’s back to school time again… well not for me, but this time of the year does always have me thinking back on those days of having to say goodbye to summer break. The feeling of nostalgia for the summer passed and the anxiety of not being ready to give up the freedoms that summer had to offer. Two months of free time, and all the opportunities that came with it. Thinking back you realize how little time was taken to actually appreciate that freedom… I suppose that’s just the way life is (cue Rod Stewart’s Ooh la la)

The last few days before school started always felt a bit like being left in limbo. Time running down and leaving the rush to get through all those things you wanted to get done during your time off. Wanting to make the most of every last second of free time before being back to regularly scheduled life. The drive to make up some of those wasted lazy summer days.

It is different now, at least for me. Working a full time job, there isn’t so much summer freedom. At least not during the week. And working 5 days of the week only enhances the feeling of needing to make the most of every second of the weekends. I suppose that is why we tend to fill our Saturdays and Sundays during the summer with anything and everything that we can. It is our chance to get out of the house, explore, and try new things. Before the weather changes and you fall into the cold and long winters (Winter Is Coming!). Living in Canada has its seasonal draw backs of typically cold/snowy winters.

A season ending can be a great time to reflect on the times passed and the things you did, or didn’t do. But don’t let it hold you back. Who knows what adventures are waiting just around the corner?

So if you are like me and left feeling nostalgic as summer ends, don’t let it get you down. Each season offers new and exciting things to do. And living in a country that experiences all seasons gives the opportunities to experience even more than other places in the world. Fall, winter, and spring can offer just as many opportunities to get out and have fun with those you love.

So whether you are going back to school or just giving up the warm summer weather, look forward and get excited for what you have in store for the rest of the year!

So what is up next for you? Share your plans for the coming months in the comment section below!


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