Baby Let’s Take The Long Way Home

Baby Let’s Take The Long Way Home


This is sort of a follow up piece relating to the one article I wrote about driving and just enjoying the cruise.

You just got home, had dinner and was just about to relax when you get a craving for some gummy candies and sugary goodness. Don’t frown, you have a car and the ability to make this trip to Bulk Barn more enjoyable than just being a task. Backroads baby!

Make the drive part of the fun.

Your end goal is sweet treats, but why sour the driving experience by just taking a normal route? Maybe I’m a bit different, but I’ve even gone out on drives just because. No end location and no purpose other than going out and exploring. This is a bit nicer when you live near country but city driving could still be just as fun. Go get lost. It’s not like you can even stay lost, considering our phones can help us get our bearings anyways.

Frequently in the summer, the highway I take to get home is packed with cars traveling to cottages. This can dampen the joys of highway driving so if the highway starts to get a bit clogged and annoying I’ll just take an exit and head home the back way. You get to enjoy a different route, new sights, and less traffic. It might take you a bit longer but if the drive was more enjoyable wouldn’t that make it worthwhile? Being super habitual can get sad, try modifying your travel route here and there. I remember I went a week once just driving the same route to and from work. It felt so weird, that the next time I actually drove somewhere that was longer than a 15 minute drive I remembered that I missed it. I missed driving more than 15 minutes at a time! Not sure how many people who commute to Toronto would like to hear me say that.

I think that a majority of the people who don’t enjoy driving are ones that just do it because they have to. You have to go to the store to get groceries. You have to drive to work everyday. You have to go visit your family for thanksgiving. Change your perspective: You get to go to the store to get groceries. You get to drive to work everyday. Or maybe you haven’t found the right car for you yet?

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