April Jams

April Jams


Kendrick Lamar

I had very high expectations for Kendrick’s follow-up to To Pimp a Butterfly and was not disappointed. On the surface level it doesn’t seem as musically diverse or ambitious as Butterfly but the more I listen to DAMN., the more new things I find. There’s some great production on this album, impressive rapping and great lyrics (have to point out the fact that he sampled Fox News criticizing his lyrics). It may not be his best record, but a less-than-perfect album from Kendrick is leagues above most other hip-hop artists’ best work.



A friend recommended these guys to me and I was surprised I hadn’t heard them before. Their sound is like a mix between Clean Head-era Oceana and Come Now Sleep-era As Cities Burn. I’d recommend listening to their newest single then going back through everything else they have on Spotify while you wait for the new album.


Future Islands

I mentioned Future Islands last month when the first few singles of their new album, The Far Field, came out. And now that the full album is out, I’ll mention them again.


Teen Daze

Pretty sure Teen Daze came to me through a Spotify recommendation (thanks Spotify, but you could still be a lot better). Their new album, Themes for Dying Earth is slow, somber, and quite beautiful – perfect as a soundtrack to those April showers.



I heard of these folks from some shows they’d played with the fantastic Tusks. Some really impressive vocals and instrumentals happening here.



This new Arkells single is a banger if I’ve ever heard one. The intense vocals and horns in the chorus get me pumped every time.

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