And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming


As we grow older we gain experience and knowledge in certain aspects of life. We notice patterns, we find out what makes people laugh and what makes them cry. We gain friendships, lose friendships, and somehow find out who we want to be as an individual along the way. Everyone is experiencing different moments in their life at varying times, and everyone deals with them differently. You learn or perhaps you don’t, and that’s what makes you, you.

Somewhere along life’s journey you may end up meeting someone that you feel like you share a special connection with. You look at them differently, you hold them in high regard, you enjoy their presence more than others. There’s an attraction and desire to be with them outside of just a regular friendship. Somewhere along the line you two realize you have similar feelings for one another, so you begin the exciting and sometimes aggravating process of dating.

When you’re in high school or college you seem to have a lot more free time (especially the former). You both might have part-time jobs but there tends to be a lot of open date nights for the choosing. You’re living at home or a dormitory so responsibilities are at a low and the day seems to go on forever.

Fast forward a few years and you discover adulting takes up a large sum of your previous free time. Working engulfs your day, followed by getting errands done, scheduling in hobbies or visiting the family; free time is fleeting. One day the grown-up, responsible version of you comes across someone you are interested in. So you gather the gusto required to request that the two of you should get dinner sometime, but when is sometime? You’re already realizing your schedule doesn’t have that much free space as it is but now you’re trying to align that with another person with different jobs, different hobbies, and different routines. Seems like an impossible task but you make it work, and you finally get to go on that first date.

Things went great. You were funny, clever, kind, and you both had a great time. It’s like watching the pilot of a new television series and you’re already hooked. You’re immersed in the universe, the characters are interesting and the story is left wide open. The possibilities on the horizon seem to be infinite. You can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens. But when is the next episode out again? Well, hopefully next week, same time and place. That would be great, except this date only happened because of a bend in the duelling schedules. So now you’re stuck here in the wake of it all, counting on that bend to happen again.

As time progresses, a follow-up seems less likely, but let’s both hold onto the hope that the show gets enough interest from the two viewers to keep it on the air. I mean, there’s nothing more depressing than a show you’re invested in being cancelled without a proper ending, right?


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