An Unconventional First Dance

An Unconventional First Dance

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I have always had a love for music. More times than I can count, a song has defined a moment or part of my life. So I decided to tell my fiancé that I would like to pick our first dance song, and surprise her on the day of our wedding. A thoughtful gesture by a stupid man.

Cue hours of pulling my hair out listening to every indie/pop punk/punk/alternative rock song I could find that was even loosely related to love. When I ran out of my favourite bands, I just started picking random ones of similar genres.

As with most challenges in life, my initial thought was that a quick Google search would turn up the perfect answer. That didn’t happen. I didn’t find a single valid option in any of the hundreds of articles and forums that I visited (I really wish I was exaggerating that number). Most were too generic or overplayed, and any unique songs that people posted were too unique, meaning they were songs that mattered to other people’s relationships specifically.

After all the stress and headaches, what I finally came to realize was that if she loves you, she will love whatever you pick because you picked it for her (within reason; god help me). And you will be spending too much time in love to actually care what song is playing in the background anyways. This is when I was finally able to choose one. It fits us and our story pretty well, but most importantly it immediately made me think of her.

After taking this maddening journey I thought I would post the list of songs that I found to help out anyone in the same boat. All are alternative songs I thought would be appropriate for the first dance:


One Bedroom – Yellowcard

A Starlit Sky – The Workday Release

The Truth is – Go Radio

Gum – Moose Blood

Goodnight Moon – Go Radio

Candlelight – Relient K

No One’s Gonna Need You More – The Dangerous Summer

Painting Roses – Dresses

The Only Exception – Paramore

Part of Me – Neck Deep

Fire and the Flood – Vance Joy

Rock & Roll Romance – Frank Turner

Private Fears in Public Places – Front Porch Step

6 Months – Hey Monday

Back to Bed – Lydia


Which song did I pick? Well out of fear that she will find this post and spoil the big day, I haven’t listed it here. I will post a follow up after my wedding with the exact song and my thoughts on why I picked it. Stay tuned in 2017.

Got a perfect first dance song? Post your list in the comments below!

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