Adventure Time!

Adventure Time!

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If you told me when I was 16 that one day I’d go out of my way to track down and purchase an SUV, I would have laughed in your face. I’ve always loved loud, low, and small sportscars. I still do. However sometimes you just need a truck. When you want to tow your toy to the racetrack in fear of breaking something, you need a truck. When you can’t sleep comfortably in your car, you need a truck. So when searching for one, my headspace was the same as it usually is when it comes to cars. I want some different, I don’t want a Ford F-150. I don’t want the same car that my neighbour drives. Being a lover of most things Japanese, Toyota’s and Nissan’s were already at the top of my shortlist.

web20180509-DSC_0896After looking at a few overpriced Toyota 4Runners on Kijiji I moved on. I still love the 4Runner, in fact the latest models are amazing looking, and I hate most modern vehicles. I then began searching elsewhere on Kijiji, the Land Rover Discovery intrigued me but a lot in Ontario were in questionable condition.

web20180509-DSC_0881I then came across this Infiniti Qx4. For those of you who don’t know Infiniti is actually Nissan’s luxury brand. As Lexus is to Toyota, and Acura to Honda. So what I ended up buying is actually just a glorified Nissan Pathfinder. Which I’m totally okay with. Seeing as the Pathfinder is a great truck; I just got the fancy pants version. Which means, there may be less chance of me seeing other ones on the street.

web20180509-DSC_0874In fact, I’ve only ever seen three others on the road since I’ve owned it (just shy of a year). Whenever I do see one I try waving, but so far I’ve been ignored. I also wanted an SUV instead of a Pickup as I planned on using it as an adventure vehicle of sorts. Nimbus approved of the new ride as he got amble backseat room. (Yes I have a cute n’ goofy Samoyed. I’ll write an article about him soon no worries dog lovers).

20180915_181439In classic “Ben” fashion, I couldn’t leave the car alone for very long. My collection box of stickers then vomited on the windows, and after playing with colours on my computer, I painted the truck.

20180915_193103The red actually turned out way louder than I was expecting, but I’m rolling with it.

web20181019-DSC_9612Doesn’t look half bad in my opinion. I also threw on my own secret make any car look badass trick… Black electrical tape eyelids on the headlights.

20181103_150227I then sought out more close to free mods as I could think of. I want The Rig (“tow rig”: the original objective of the vehicle) to look like a tough off-road vehicle. I obtained some pallets for free and some clearance off-road lights from Princess Auto for a total of $17.

20181103_161354Using leftover screws from unknown projects and old rusty metal straps I put together my Recycle-Rack™.

20181106_195759After a bit of a wiring headache I finished the lights. I’m most proud of this electrical job as the switch blends in pretty seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

20181106_200921_HDRI have a few more close to free mods on a list, but they’ll have to wait until spring.

web20190102-DSC_0782I couldn’t ask for a better adventure rig/tow rig/winter pig. Recently dubbed “Dora” (the explorer… DUH!). I’ve gotten used to the weight and size of the vehicle over the last months, the reactive 4×4 is interesting and I enjoy testing it in the snow covered roads and parking lots. However I can’t freaking wait until Spring. I miss low and nimble sportscars and loud noises.

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